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MR Series Snap-Track
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MR Series

“On-Track” is an innovative new track system for mounting 3.25” printed circuit boards. The circuit boards simply snap in and out of the track for easy installation and service. The boards are held secure by the built-in locking tabs which firmly clamp both the front and back surface of the board. Each 8” wide section is pre-scored at 2” intervals, so breaking it up into four smaller sections for smaller boards is literally a snap. Mounting the track/PCB assembly can be accomplished via two slotted or one center screw/rivet holes located on each 2” section. Mounting can also be accomplished using double-sided tape, or the optional TK-CL snap-in rail (standard DIN or “A” series) mounting clip. The TK-325 and TK-CL truly allow your circuit board integrations to stay “On-Track”.

  • Unique patent-pending design
  • Clean breaking plastic - "No Tools Required"
  • UL508 Recognized Component
  • Standard size 3.50" (89mm) H x 8.00"(203mm) W x 0.75" (19mm) D
  • Convenient snap apart scoring for 2" sections
  • Both slotted and non-slotted screw/rivet holes on each 2" section
  • Snap-in DIN or "A" series adaptor clip holes on each 2" section
  • Allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Unique circuit board snap-in tabs allow for easy "in and out" functionality
    while providing positive, secure board clamping
  • Low profile design ensures efficient use of both lateral and vertical space
  • Optional snap-in standard DIN or "A" series mounting rail adaptor (TK-CL) available
  • 8" sections can be butted together allowing for unlimited overall lengths
  • Fits printed circuit boards 3.25"(83mm) H x up to 8" (203mm) W x 0.065" (1.65mm) D


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