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WP Weatherproof Enclosures

Product Datapage Data Sheet (pdf)

Installation Guide Installation Guide for WP-1   (pdf)   
Installation Guide Installation Guide for WP-2000  (pdf)
UL Listing UL BGUZ.E257101 (pdf)
UL Listing UL BGUZ7.E257104 (pdf)
The WP-1 enclosure provides protection for the RW and SM Series duct smoke detectors. The WP-2000 enclosure provides protection for the SL Series duct smoke detectors. These enclosures offer outdoor protection from rain, sleet and snow, or indoor protection from dripping water.


  • 16 gauge steel throughout
  • Egg shell white painted finish throughout
  • Drip shield top
  • Slip-on removable cover
  • Embossed mounting holes on back of enclosure
  • 3 knockouts in bottom of enclosure
  • UL 50 type 3R / NEMA type 3R
  • Foam gaskets for sampling/exhaust holes provided
  • All hardware included


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