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MSR-100 Advanced Remote Accessories
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The MSR Series remote accessories are designed to be used with Air Products and Controls Duct Smoke Detectors to provide the most complete functionality ever available in such a device.

The remote accessory is available with either the single gang remote indicator/control (MSR-100R Products), or with the addition of a single gang strobe assembly (MSR-100S Products). Both versions are compatible with standard architectural (decora) style cover plates (choice of white, red or stainless steel).


The indicator/control assembly provides:

  • Visual indication of detector Pilot, Trouble and Alarm Functions
  • Selectable audible indication of Alarm, Trouble or both
  • Buzzer Silence function, with silenced indication and "ringback" following condition correction
  • Lamp/Buzzer test function
  • Key-Operated detector Test and Reset functions
  • Lever-operated "No-Tools" terminal block
  • Port for plugging in the optional strobe assembly
  • Black "DUCT SMOKE DETECTOR" decal included for front plate
  • Blue "SMOKE", red "FIRE" strobe lens decals included for both horizontal and vertical mounting



The strobe assembly provides visual indication of alarm conditions, and is connected to the indicator/control assembly via the provided polarized connector.

To install the strobe module, simply plug the provided connector onto the pins as indicated on the rear of the indicator/control module. Snap the strobe lens into the cover plate, and install cover plate following completion of remote module wiring.

NOTE: The strobe and audible buzzer features are not ADA compliant, and not intended for life safety notification or evacuation purposes (public mode). These functions are for duct smoke detector status indication only (private mode).




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