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Apollo America Inc.

Apollo America Inc. is the formal company name, formerly Air Products and Controls. Air Products and Controls remains as a brand under the new company name. Air Products and Controls was founded in 1982 as a distributor for dampers and louvers used in HVAC systems. In 1984, Robert E. Skaggs joined the company, and the business was expanded to manufacturing duct smoke detectors.

Then, in 1988, the product offerings were again enhanced with the addition of multi-voltage control relays. In March 1999 the company was sold to Halma p.l.c., an English conglomerate of more than 45 companies located across the globe. Halma, a public company traded on the London Exchange, has a strong growth history, fueled largely by key acquisitions of successful businesses. Air Products' addition to the Halma Fire Division enhanced our business and key synergies with divisional sister companies, Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd. and Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd led to the incorporation of Apollo America in late 2011.


Our Philosophy...

Our brand logo says it all - Air Products and Controls is YOU in control!

Our business exists to serve the needs of our customers, and we are working hard to provide unique, valuable solutions for your problems.

If you are sick of being treated like a number by the big boys as they fight each other for turf, we'd be happy to offer you an alternative. We are happy to help you with product, application, technical, codes and standards, sourcing and installation problems - think of us as your partner in success!



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