Apollo America is the manufacturer of the Air Products and Controls brand of duct detectors for smoke or carbon monoxide, specialty controls, low voltage relays, control relays, power supplies, PCB mounting and enclosure options. These innovative top quality products are found worldwide in HVAC, life safety, building automation, system integration, security and lighting applications. Proud to offer products Made in the USA.


SL-701 Duct CO Detector

New SL-2000-P Duct Smoke DetectorThe FAST Tube is the latest innovation allowing you to say goodbye to dirty, heavy metal air sampling tubes. These lightweight sectional sampling tubes are available now and will save many a headache!

Made in the USA and UL/ETL Listed for use with APC Duct Detectors, distribution centers and installers alike will find these tubes much more convenient and easy to handle.

The tubes are fitted to the detector with a connector that is included with every detector - never walk out with the wrong type of tube.

One bag of tubes will fit duct widths up to 8ft; any spare sections are convenient to
save and use on the next job or pair two packs for wider ducts.

Lightweight composite material is rated the same as the detector housings, a red fitting strip securely holds multiple sections together with no fear of tubes vibrating apart over time.

Putting them together is as simple as APC: Assemble to length, Prep by affixing the starter from the detector hardware kit then Cut and Cap to final length.

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Detect CO At The AHU Source! Now Available! The SL-701 Series is a duct detector that monitors for dangerous Carbon Monoxide.

Detect harmful levels of CO and shut down air handling systems, preventing further spread and alerting building maintenance of the problem. Our patented CO sensor is pre-set to trigger shut down at concentrations deemed hazardous by OSHA and NFPA.

The KIT includes the detector, our brand new FAST Tube Sectional Sampling Tubes and a MSR-50CO Remote Accessory programmed with temporal 4 sound and LED strobe, as well as all mounting hardware. It's all in there!

The SL-701 KIT contains everything required for detection and notification of CO introduced through or circulated by an AHU.

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   Specify the SL-2000 Duct Smoke Detector

New SL-2000-P Duct Smoke DetectorThe new guide specification for the SL-2000 Series Duct Smoke Detectors is now available for immediate download. This product guide specification is written according to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format, including MasterFormat, SectionFormat, and PageFormat, as described in The Project Resource Manual CSI Manual of Practice.

Section numbers and titles are noted from both MasterFormat 1995 Edition as well as MasterFormat 2004 Edition.

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   MSR Series Remote Accessories

MSR Advanced Remote Accessories The MSR Series remote accessories are designed to be used with Air Products and Controls Duct Smoke Detectors to provide the most complete functionality ever available in such a device.

The MSR-100 series offers the most complete functionality of the MSR family, to include audible and visual notification, key test/reset, LED test function and a buzzer silence function with silenced indication and “ringback” following condition correction.

The newly-released MSR-50 Series is an industry first with multi-color visual indicators that alert to detector Pilot, Trouble and Alarm conditions, and an added magnet test or key test/reset at a price point much lower than that of the more robust MSR-100 Series accessories.

The optional strobe assembly can simply be connected via a port included on all models and fits a standard double gang configuration.

MSR-100 Series Information
 MSR-50 Series Information

    The RT-3000 Has Arrived!   

RT-3000 NEMA 4X The Industry's ONLY Weathertight Duct Smoke Detector to boast NEMA 4X rating is now available! Check the single-latch closure - no screws to slow you down. And a one-piece cover! Compatible with all legacy APC detectors, sample tubes and remote accessories. Our timed Maintenance Mode allows servicing with no extra trouble reports to the system. The next generation of trade-dedicated terminal blocks help HVAC, Fire and Electrical installers from pirating terminals...

The RT-3000 is what you get when you truly listen to the voice of the customer.

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   Value-Packed Partnerships
Fire Alarm Cabinet
Through our partners at Space Age Electronics, you can now have custom terminal cabinets delivered to your job site with APC's proven relay products configured, pre-installed and ready for wiring - just hang the cabinet and start terminating wires!

One more way we're working to help your installation and application problems terminate!

Support the Automatic Fire Alarm Association

AFAA LogoThe Automatic Fire Alarm Association is the fire alarm industry's leading provider of technician training and education programs, including nationally located classroom training seminars, on-line fire alarm system fundamentals training, and a new course on project management.

The AFAA is a also great source for all of your NFPA codes and standards, as well as NICET study guides and a variety of test and inspection forms.

 HS-100 Duct Smoke Detector

New HS-100 Duct Smoke DetectorHS-100 Series plenum smoke detectors provide early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC plenum returns in commercial rooftop package unit applications. These devices are designed to prevent the recirculation of smoke in areas by the air handling system’s fans and blowers. Complete systems may be shut down in the event of smoke detection.

The HS-100 Series smoke detector is fitted with a mounting base that will accept an ionization smoke detector head model 55000-225 or photoelectric smoke detector head model 55000-328. The duct unit supports one set of form “C” alarm contacts, one form “A” alarm contact and one form “B” trouble contact. The trouble contact supervises the presence of the input power and the removal of the smoke detector head.

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We proudly endorse only Solo brand test gas for functional testing of all our duct smoke detectors.


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